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Manufacturing the world's most innovative
Hot Work Safety Enclosures.

Based in Houston, Texas, PetroHab™ manufactures, leases, sells, and maintains the oil & gas industry’s premier Hot Work Safety Enclosures, also known as “Pressurized Welding Enclosures” or “Habitats.”

We aim to increase safety at workplaces by providing our technologically advanced products engineered to protect people working in hazardous environments.

Patented Interlocking Technology

PetroHab’s portable, modular, and highly fire-retardant habitats are utilized in a variety of industrial settings where hot work containment is required and desired to mitigate against the risks associated with hot work-related activities.

PetroHab™ utilizes a patented “Quadra-Lock®” panel interlocking technology to assemble the panels that make up its habitats secure.

Safe Working Conditions

Sparks and molten materials from hot work can scatter more than 35 feet during welding, cutting, chipping, brazing, soldering, and grinding activities. Hot work is a leading cause of industrial fires, consistently ranking in the top five causes of fires across all industries.

Our products offer protection at hot work pressurized welding habitats, which control environments to achieve safe working conditions.


The Petro-Habitat is our full featured habitat. This product is best used in high-risk work environments and where ignition is likely. With interchangeable panels, our Quadra-Lock® technology, pneumatic air supply, window panels and intrusion/protrusion panels, the Petro-Habitat is the perfect solution for any work environment.


The Petro-Shield is the habitat created with welders in mind. The Petro-Shield is mobile and modular to support hot-work operations in the field while protecting workers from environmental conditions.

This Hot Work Safety Enclosure is easy to expand in 4-foot increments. An optional air conditioner or heater can be attached.


The Petro-Lite is ideal for improving safety and productivity. Its simple, modular design requires no more than two people to set up and can be attached in 5 minutes.

The Petro-Shield can attach to any standard scaffolding, or an optional stand-along scaffolding can be provided when scaffolding is not available.

Health & Safety

Safety Professionals are especially challenged to ensure the health and safety of workers conducting the desired hot work.

Besides the concerns relating to the health and safety of workers, companies, such as those related to the oil & gas industry, are especially sensitive to the legal ramifications relating to the loss of humans lives and the destruction and replacement of a company’s assets.

Safeguard Hazardous Workplaces With PetroHab™'s Innovative Enclosure Solutions

Empowering Safety in Extreme Conditions

In the demanding realms of oil rigs and refineries, ensuring the safety of employees is paramount. PetroHab™ stands at the forefront of this mission, offering specialized habitat solutions tailored to mitigate risks in potentially hazardous environments. Our commitment to innovation and protection is evident in our range of Hot Work Safety Enclosures.

Our Safety Solutions Are Tailored for Every Scenario:

  • Petro-Habitat™ Hot Work Safety Enclosure (HWSE)
    Experience unmatched safety with the Petro-Habitat™ HWSE. Designed for the most challenging environments, this enclosure integrates the Quadra-Lock® Panel Interlocking Technology (PIT), offering unparalleled protection. Its versatility and robust construction make it a top choice for welding work safety, safeguarding workers against the most severe conditions.
  • Petro-Shield™ Hot Work Safety Enclosure (HWSE)
    Adaptable and resilient, the Petro-Shield™ HWSE is the ideal solution for dynamic field operations. This modular and mobile enclosure adapts effortlessly to various environmental challenges, ensuring worker safety without compromising on efficiency. Optional climate control features provide added comfort, making it a preferred choice for diverse operational needs.
  • Petro-Lite™ Hot Work Safety Enclosure (HWSE)
    For rapid response scenarios, the Petro-Lite™ HWSE stands out with its quick and efficient setup. Lightweight yet sturdy, it integrates seamlessly with standard scaffolding systems, enhancing safety and productivity simultaneously. It's the go-to solution for operations requiring swift and reliable safety measures.

Reliability and Compliance in Every Product

Our ATEX- and IECEx-certified habitats set the standard in certified habitat systems, offering peace of mind and compliance in volatile oil and gas operations. These certified pressurized hot work habitats provide a controlled environment crucial for mitigating safety hazards during high-risk activities. Additionally, our Safe-Stop Safety Shutdown System (SSS) offers an immediate response mechanism, further enhancing the safety features of our habitats.

Why PetroHab™ Stands Apart?

PetroHab™ is more than a habitat manufacturer—we are pioneers in creating safe working conditions in potentially hazardous environments. Our habitats are not only about compliance but also about instilling confidence in workers and employers alike. With PetroHab™, safety is a promise – a commitment to setting new standards in the oil and gas industry.

Join Us in Fostering Safer Work Environments

Choosing PetroHab™ means partnering with a leader in safety solutions. We invite you to experience the peace of mind that comes with our state-of-the-art Hot Work Safety Enclosures. Together, let's build a safer, more secure future for workers in hazardous industries. Trust PetroHab™ for unparalleled safety and excellence.