What are Petrohab’s main products?

Our main product is the Petro-Habitat™ Hot Work Safety Enclosure (HWSE) which is often referred to in the Oil & Gas Industry as a “habitat” or “pressurized welding enclosure”. Our HWSEs are modular and use Petrohab’s patented Quadra-Lock™ panel interlocking technology (US Patent Nos. 9,545,775 and 9,517,609) to connect the panels together without the use of any zippers whatsoever. The panels are manufactured from U.S.-made premium silver/gray silicone coated fiberglass cloth that is ANSI/FM 4950 certified and capable of withstanding continuous temperatures of 1,000 F (over 500 C). We also manufacture automatic shutdown systems that are both Atex and IECEx certified (IEC 60079-13) which monitor the differential pressure inside the HWSE and gasses both inside and outside the habitat. These systems can optionally be equipped with Oxygen and/or Carbon Dioxide detectors to further monitor the atmosphere inside the habitats. We also manufacture non-pressurized HWSEs that are used to contain and/or shield workers and the hot work operations from the elements in non-classified areas, such as when constructing or repairing pipes over land.

In what countries are you currently represented?

Although we are headquartered in Houston, Texas, we have offices in Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Trinidad and our Petro-Habitat HWSEs have been used in countries that include, but are not limited to, the USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Trinidad, Suriname, Germany, Brazil, Nigeria, Angola, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, New Zealand and various countries in the Middle East.

What makes your company different from the competition?

Not only do we manufacture all of our HWSE products in the USA, but we source all of the components that go into making those products from U.S. companies, right down to the virtually fireproof Kevlar thread that we use for all our stitching purposes. Moreover, our patented Quadra-Lock panel interlocking technology renders the zippered panels used by our competitors practically obsolete, as our customers no longer have to worry about zippers failing nor deal with the cumbersome A-type and B-type panels that are required whenever zippers are employed as a fastening mechanism. Importantly, whereas most of PetroHab’s competitors will only lease their habitats to end users, PetroHab stands almost alone in offering its patented and certified habitat systems for either lease or sale and in providing training and certification programs for its customers’ personnel on the assembly, disassembly, and maintenance of its habitats and automatic shutdown systems.

To what does Petrohab attribute its success?

Petrohab’s success is directly attributed to its unwavering commitment to safety (which has resulted in well over a million incident free man hours worked), its aggressive R&D program, and the burning desire to be the world’s foremost HWSE provider. Also, since Petrohab manufactures its products in-house, it can manufacture customer specific HWSE designs with no R&D costs being passed onto the client.