Brazil Habitat FPSO

Pressurized Welding Enclosure

The Petro-Habitat ™ is a pressurized welding enclosure, often referred to in the oil & gas industry as a habitat or hot work safety enclosure. It is used to manage and control risks associated with performing hot work operations in potentially hazardous areas.

Main Objectives

The main objective of the Petro-Habitat™ is to isolate ignition sources that are generated from hot work operations taking place inside the HWSE. It is used for protection against ignition, which can arise from any potentially flammable gases that may exist outside the HWSE. The main objective is to protect personnel and assets both inside and outside it.

Crew Inside Brazil FPSO Habitat
  • Standard interchangeable panels that incorporate the use of PetroHab’s patented Quadra-Lock® panel interlocking technology.
  • Heavy-duty silver/gray premium silicone coated fiberglass fabrics that are ANSI/FM 4950 Certified.
  • Pneumatic air supply and exhaust blowers intrinsically safe that serve to pressurize the HWSE initially and to then maintain positive pressure inside it by continuously introducing fresh air into the HWSE at a higher rate than that at which air inside it is extracted.
  • The framed heavy-duty door made of marine-grade aluminum or soft door, each of which has a window and a pressure monitor/manometer integrated into them for visual confirmation of pressure inside the HWSE.
  • Window panels that provide visibility into and out of HWSE and that also provide additional light into the enclosure.
  • Specialized intrusion/protrusion panels that allow objects such as pipes or structural metals to intrude into and protrude out of the HWSE such that Hot Work can safely be performed on such objects inside the HWSE.
  • Specialized are duct escape panels.

Standard & Specialized Panels

The Quadra-Lock® technology not only provides both the standard and specialized panels with great shear and tensile strengths but further allows the HWSEs panels to be affixed to each other in virtually limitless configurations quickly.

A standard 2-meter x 2-meter x 2-meter Petro-Habitat™ can be assembled and fully pressurized in as little as 30 minutes.