Petro-Lite ™ Safe & Portable

The Petro-Lite ™ is a portable hot work safety enclosure that comes in both an open and closed top configuration. All of its panels utilize PetroHab’s patented “Quadra-Lock® panel interlocking technology to securely attach to each other, and all are made of a silver/gray premium silicone coated fiberglass fabric that is ANSI/FM 4950 certified.

Unique and Efficient

The Petro-Lite ™ is designed with an eye toward increasing productivity, decreasing costs, and enhancing safety. With a minimal amount of man-power (no more than two people are needed), the panels that make up the Petro-Lite can be attached to each other in no more than five minutes and can be affixed to standard scaffolding (through either or both the Velcro cinch straps or the “D” ring eyelets that are incorporated into each of those panels) or to an optional stand-alone custom made frame for use when scaffolding is unavailable.

  • Standard interchangeable panels that incorporate the use of PetroHab’s patented Quadra-Lock® panel interlocking technology.
  • Vertical walls can withstand continuous temperatures of up to 1,000° F.
  • The closed top configuration is designed to shield persons working in the Petro-Lite from the elements and enhance this enclosure’s ability to contain the by-products of hot work.
  • The optional vermiculite coated welding pad, that can be used for the floor portion, is heat resistant up to 1,500° F and can withstand the constant impact and collection of sparks and slag.

Modular and Portable

Two of the opposing vertical panels incorporate a “door” portion that allows personnel to enter and exit the Petro-Lite while the two remaining vertical panels feature a “Cross-Hairs” design that allows for objects such as pipes or structural metals to intrude into and/or protrude out of the Petro-Lite such that hot work can safely be performed on such objects inside the enclosure.