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Protecting Yourself with Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

By Samer Al-Azem | March 21, 2021

A large part of keeping the job site safe is protecting yourself and your fellow workers. All personnel exposed to hazards created by hot work operations need to be protected and shielded head to toe by PPE. Keep reading for critical pieces of PPE necessary to protect yourself.  Auto-Dimming Helmet Helmets with an auto-dimming feature…

Hot Work Tools and Equipment

By Samer Al-Azem | March 7, 2021

Several tools are used in hot work-related activities in order to enhance safety. Each of them needs to be defect-free and in optimal operating order before a project begins. Keep reading to learn more about hot work tools and equipment and how to keep them in a safe working condition. Various Tools for Different Types…

Jobsite Safety Certifications and Training

Jobsite Safety Certifications and Training

By Samer Al-Azem | February 12, 2021

Safety certifications and training programs prepare personnel to work on a job site, avoid hazards, and properly handle accidents that may occur. If you are preparing for a job, this is information that you will need to know. Your employer will require safety training, and some may even provide it. Keep reading to learn more…

Recognizing and Mitigating Potential Hazards

Recognizing and Mitigating Potential Hazards

By Samer Al-Azem | February 12, 2021

When hot work is introduced to a job site, hazards are sure to come with it. Although some hazardous materials serve a functional purpose in completing tasks, they cannot be in the area when hot work is taking place. According to the hazard alert, “between 2005 and 2015, there were 85 deaths from fires or…

Fire Precautions in Hot Work

By Samer Al-Azem | January 15, 2021

Before hot work begins, it is best to have a plan. The job site should be inspected for potential hazards and secured for safe operations. Continue reading for items to keep in mind while preparing to perform hot work safely. Is There a Need for Hot Work? First things first, hot work should only take…

What is a hot work permit?

What is a Hot Work Permit?

By Samer Al-Azem | December 30, 2020

Hot work permits are issued to job sites for a certain period after the fire marshal, safety engineer, or maintenance manager has verified that all safety precautions have been taken at a job site. Continue reading for more information on preparing for and obtaining a hot work permit.  What is hot work?  Hot work is…

What is Hot Work?

By Samer Al-Azem | December 23, 2020

Hot work, simply put, is welding, cutting, and heating that involves fire or spark-producing tools. It has inherent dangers which are amplified in job sites like oil rigs with flammable materials nearby. Read more to understand what hot work is and how to avoid some of the risks that come with it. Common Types  Hot…


7 Hot Work Safety Tips

By Samer Al-Azem | May 6, 2020

There is one thing that all hot work jobs have in common – the danger! Hot work needs to be well planned and implemented to ensure workers’ safety because of the inherent risks. Below are some key ways to protect your team from the dangers of the job.