About Us

Creating Safe Conditions in Hazardous Environments

PetroHab™ is headquartered in Houston, Texas. With a honed skill set brought about by varied prior business ventures and legal representation in the oil & gas industry, the principals and supporting staff at PetroHab™ is experienced enough to provide customers with excellent services.

pressurized habitat hot work
hot work safety precautions

High-End Quality Services

Our vision is to become the global leader in creating safe conditions for hazardous environments. We are mainly into manufacturing, leasing, selling, and maintaining of modular Hot Work Safety Enclosures (HWSE).

We offer an array of services to fulfill the safety needs of various industries. We take pride in every job we do.

Training Program

Our extensive, three-level training program helps ensure that those certified under our rigorous training standards are among the most experienced and adept HWSE Technicians in the world. Our mantra is not just “practice makes perfect,” but “perfect practice makes perfect.”

In fact, as a testament to the extensive training that all PetroHab personnel must go through, over just one year.

An average of four PetroHab personnel, working on a 28/28 rotation on a platform off the coast of Africa, successfully erected and disassembled close to 500 habitats, varying from 2 to 200 cubic meters in size, with zero lost-time accidents or incidents!

positive pressure enclosure
pressurised habitat

Made in the USA

Driven by an unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and service, PetroHab strives to exceed its customers’ HWSE needs consistently and is proud of the fact that its entire product line is “Made in the USA.”