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What is a hot work permit?

Hot work permits are issued to job sites for a certain period after the fire marshal, safety engineer, or maintenance manager has verified that all safety precautions have been taken at a job site. Continue reading for more information on preparing for and obtaining a hot work permit. 

What is hot work? 

Hot work is welding, cutting, and heating that involves fire or spark-producing tools. Hot work can be performed in fire-safe areas and can only occur in a designated hot work area or a permit-required area. 

Designated Hot Work Areas

Designated hot work areas are free of combustible and flammable contents. The designated locations are designed to be fire-resistive and are usually outdoor locations or maintenance shops. 

Permit-Required Areas

Permit-required areas are located on a job site where safety precautions must occur before anyone can perform hot work. After the area has been inspected and is safe to perform hot work, a permit must be posted in an easily accessible location to show that all safety requirements have been met. 

Precautions to Take to Keep the Work Environment Safe

When performing hot work, there is a possibility for potential hazards in the job site, including ignition and/or explosions. Some of the safety precautions that should take place before hot work include: 

  • Clearing the area of flammable and combustible materials
  • Ensure tools are in proper working condition
  • Train all personnel and sign off on permit/audit procedures

Use a hot work safety enclosure like the Petro-Habitat™ when it is impossible to relocate flammable and combustible materials. Habitats are made of fire-resistive materials and keep hot work isolated from other operations.

The Value of a Hot Work Permit

Hot work permits protect all personnel and the job site when hot work occurs. Permits indicate that individuals involved are aware of the hazards, safety precautions, and hot work regulations. They also demonstrate you have taken the appropriate actions to keep the job site safe. Once a permit is obtained, it should be signed, approved, and posted for the duration of the work. Permits are valid for the period that hot work is taking place, limited to 30 days.

Be sure to check your local and state laws involving hot work. If you have any questions about how to keep you and your team safe, please contact us!