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A large part of keeping the job site safe is protecting yourself and your fellow workers. All personnel exposed to hazards created by hot work operations need to be protected and shielded head to toe by PPE. Keep reading for critical pieces of PPE necessary to protect yourself. 

Auto-Dimming Helmet

Helmets with an auto-dimming feature cost more than standard helmets, but it’s worth the investment. Auto-dimming helmets automatically dim the shield when a bright light is detected. Along with convenience, these helmets also save time because they eliminate the need to raise and lower the helmet as you are working.

Safety Glasses/Goggles

Designed to wear underneath your helmet, safety glasses protect your eyes from stray sparks that can travel underneath your helmet. You can never be too safe when protecting yourself- especially your eyes!

Flame Resistant Clothing

Flame-resistant clothing will self-extinguish smolders and keep you from catching on fire when sparks and hot slag fly in your direction. A few things to keep in mind while looking for the proper protection: make sure that your pockets are covered and your pants do not have cuffs. You don’t want the sparks and slag to have a space to land on you. 


General safety gloves may not protect you from the heat produced during hot work. Hot work gloves are made from leather or a combination of materials, often fire-resistant fabrics. Each material exhibits different weight levels, flexibility, toughness, and breathability, depending on the needs of the skill you perform. Look for specialized gloves designed for the specific type of hot work that you do.


Not only do hot workers need to wear footwear that will protect them from heavy objects that may fall, but there’s an added concern for sparks and hot slag that land on the ground. When searching for the perfect safety-toe boot, look for toe protection, non-slip (preferably rubber) soles, and added reinforcements for safety and comfort.

Some work sites will provide you with PPE, but it never hurts to come prepared. Safety is most important when completing a job, and that includes protecting yourself. If you are looking for more safety solutions, contact us, and we can help!