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A pressurized welding enclosure (PWE) is a fully enclosed area constructed to create a safe atmosphere where welding and burning can occur near classified or otherwise hazardous areas. It manages and controls risks associated with hot work operations in potentially hazardous areas. Petro-habitat, pressurized hot work safety enclosures isolate ignition sources generated from hot work operations inside the HWSE. It protects against ignition, which can arise from any potentially flammable gases outside the HWSE.

Why Do You Need These Safe Habitats?

Pressurized hot work habitat systems offer a safe & controlled workspace with a minimal impact on production whenever hot work is required in a potentially explosive environment, such as in Zone 1 & 2 rated hazardous areas on offshore or onshore oil & gas installations and refineries. The main goal is to safeguard the people and resources inside and outside of it.

But What Are These Zones?

Hazardous areas (due to explosive gas atmospheres), also known as “hazardous locations” in the US, are defined as areas that are three-dimensional and where explosive gas atmospheres are present or may be anticipated to be present in quantities that necessitate the use of special safety measures during equipment construction, installation, and use. Based on how frequently and how long there is an explosive gas atmosphere present, hazardous areas are divided into the following three zones:

Zone 0

A place where an explosive gas atmosphere is present constantly, frequently, or for extended periods. 1000 hours or more of flammable mixture per year (10%).

Zone 1

The area where there is a chance that an explosive gas atmosphere will occasionally occur during regular operations. A flammable mixture is present for at least ten and up to 1000 hours annually (0.1% to 10%).

Zone 2

An area where the likelihood of an explosive gas atmosphere developing during normal operations is low, but if it does, it will only last a short time. A flammable mixture is present for no more than 10 hours per year (0.01% to 0.1%).

Non-hazardous area (safe area)

Any area where an explosive atmosphere is not anticipated is considered non-hazardous. Flammable mixture present for no more than one hour per year (less than 0.01%).

What Does A Petro-Habitat Pressurized Hot Work Safety Enclosure Offer?

The Petro-Habitat is an all-encompassing habitat. The best places to use this product are high-risk workplaces with a high likelihood of ignition. This hot work habitat is ideal for any workplace thanks to its interchangeable panels, Quadra-Lock® technology, pneumatic air supply, window panels, and intrusion/protrusion panels.

Health & Safety

Maintaining the health and safety of employees engaged in the desired hot work presents particular challenges for professionals. Companies, particularly those in the oil and gas sector, are susceptible to the legal repercussions associated with the loss of human lives and the destruction and replacement of a company’s assets, in addition to the concerns relating to the health and safety of employees.
Petro-habitat technicians extensive, three-level training and certification contributes to the fact that those certified by our exacting training standards are among the most knowledgeable and skilled HWSE Technicians in the world. Nearly 500 habitats, ranging in size from 2 to 200 cubic meters, were successfully erected and dismantled by an average of four PetroHab employees working on a 28/28 rotation on a platform off the coast of Africa with no lost-time accidents or incidents! So, what are you waiting for? Contact them today.